Paley Center TV Fan Connection App Reviews

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A revealing implication

The first thing this app does is ask you for your DOB. I put in mine, and it immediately told me sorry, I could not be subscribed at this time. I hope this does not imply that I am not in the age demo they want to have (too old). If so, it's not a club I want to join. If this is just some kind of mistake, fine, but the organization is coming off as ageist.

Sound doesn't work

There is no sound for any of the videos. Please fix.

Figure out what you wanna do

The website points me to your app, which finally installs, only to tell me you have a newer app and that the old one is no longer supported. I'm sick of this already. Should have watched the stupid video on the crappy desktop site, instead.


It's a pretty legit app.

Needs LOTS of work!!

The resolution is too low, everything is blurry, and videos don't work 90 percent of the time. Frustrating, as I was looking forward to this app.

It was great!

Only because Bones was on it :)

Videos Don't Load

Since I can't watch the videos this app is pointless. 👎👎👎

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